BSB-storyOur Story…

Our bakery started 50 years ago making baked goods and cookies from family recipes and local favorites.  We started as a small corner bakery on Merrick Road, New York.  We made products to sell at the neighborhood shops and they were enjoyed by the entire community.  As our business began to grow so did our bakery, but that didn’t mean we would sacrifice the classic recipes that our customers originally fell in love with.


50 years is a long time to be baking and life has certainly changed and evolved for all of us.  Life has gotten busier for all of us…..neighborhood bakeries are harder to find these days.  We still want to enjoy the treats that we remember but don’t need the whole box or feel like buying them by the pound.


So we asked ourselves how can we make our bakery favorites match the world we live in today and make them even better??  Add some more chocolate of course and wrap it to go…


Introducing our new Bake Shop Bites Line Up – The Macaroon, The Peanutter, The Brownie and The “S” Cookie.  Bakery fresh cookies and treats, in convenient, perfectly portioned packages ready for the on the go lifestyle.


We can’t think of a better treat to have with:

….with your favorite morning coffee or tea
….rushing on your way to work
….with lunch or mid afternoon snack
….after dinner or before bedtime


It’s always the right time to enjoy our new Bake Shop Bites. Two per pack so you can share but we know you won’t after you

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